• They're unflappable, chirpy creative sorts who know how to both tell and sell stories or messages.

    Mandy Lake and Margie Brown are professionally trained photo/ print journalists who thankfully saw the light and came home to roost (roast?) in the glorious world of filmmaking.

    They're very handy with a script, camera, editing program, tight budget, not to mention crisis management and gaffer tape.

    Mandy is also pretty useful in the spin department after spending quite some time on the 'dark side' in PR and marketing, within both corporate/government sectors plus her own consultancy 'Sharp Pencil Communications'.

    In other incarnations, between them they have also worked as a: Zambesi River guide, marine biologist, horticulturalist, tomato picker, cow milker, English teacher in Japan, moth breeder, cattle station cook, orange spruiker, moulder of minds at university, beer puller, and part-time, unpaid break-up counsellors for distressed friends.

    Personality-wise, they could be described as somewhat quirky (but in a good way!) and this quality has a habit of permeating into their films (unless, of course, the client doesn't want it to).

    Last updated: June, 2016