• Flickchicks are in the business of telling stories and selling messages with the help of their trusty, broadcast quality cameras, editing gear and finely-tuned filmmaking skills.

    Our talented team can cook all manner of digital films from the embryonic or conceptual stage right through to duplication. Heck, we're even able to help out with the marketing side of things if need be.

    All Flickchicks films, whether they be training & educational DVDs for government, not-for-profit and corporate sectors, television commercials or web infomercials/promos for business - come lovingly baked in creative juices and spices.

    What's more, as some of us are old (well, not that old) journos, we're very good at scratching out the most scintillating, attention-grabbing angles and developing close relationships with our human (and not-so human) subject matter.

    To give you a tantalising taste of what we can do and have done, please check out the above menu.

    To check out eggsamples, please click on the youtube link next to the chicken.

    We hope you choose to come fly with us!

    Last updated: August, 2017