• Yet another egg-cellent*, cost-effective way of spreading the good word about your product or service to the masses.

    Let's face it, in most cases, brochures just don't cut it anymore.

    We strongly recommend that you go with the audiovisual option because (apart from unashamedly wanting your business) we reckon DVDs are:

  • higher impact
  • a bit more impressive (they give you more of a winning image and edge)
  • a much more entertaining, unique vehicle to carry your message
  • very versatile (they're excellent for tradeshows, showroom displays, sales presentations, mail outs, hand outs)
  • easy to upgrade with fresh material
  • less impersonal (audiovisual can help your clients gain a much better feel for your business and product or service)

  • In short, let us film and package your product or service in an interesting way that won't have potential clients snoring their heads off and will make them want to pick up the phone and give you a call.

    But first, you need to give US a call on 07 3136 2578 or send us an email to thecoop@flickchicks.com.au

    * Sorry, couldn't resist!

    Last updated: June, 2016