• Imagine, you get in your car, you turn the key but there's a hissing noise coming from under the bonnet. And it's NOT the radiator.

    You lift the bonnet to revealů two enormous carpet pythons making out.
    S-s-s-snakes! They seem to be springing up everywhere in Brisbane of late but there's no need to panic: the River City unofficially has the most snakecatchers in the world.

    Snake Sheila will follow professional snake-catching experts including Julia Baker (aka 'Snake Sheila'), and her Scottish apprentice and real-life partner, 'Johnny Bagpipes', over one snake season where they catch some of Australia's riskiest reptiles.

    Slither on over to our YouTube channel to check out the Snake Sheila trailer, and like us on: facebook.com/snakesheila

    Last updated: June, 2016