• Awww shucks. Here's some kind words from some of our clients (fortunately, none of them had to be coerced):

    "I have no hesitation in recommending the Flickchicks for your project, unless of course you're one of our competitors, in which case they are terrible and your money is better spent elsewhere."

    Liam Anderson, Marketing Support Unit Manager, Pacific Seeds


    "Everyone thought the film was brilliant. We had some very senior people in health promotion and one Professor working in early childhood and the positive feedback was tremendous.

    We are getting 100's of requests for a hard copy of the DVD and heaps of direct downloads form the web. I've even had requests from the UK !!!

    This has been one of the most successful projects I have been involved with in working in the field of product safety for 20 years.

    I doubt it would have been possible without you guys!"

    Dave Strachan - Manager Product Safety, Office of Fair Trading
    Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation


    "What can I say? Margie and Mandy did an amazing job. They were extremely professional in the way they went about things, I was impressed with their hard work to gain knowledge about the subject - they went from not knowing willows were a problem to knowing more about willows and how to manage them than the experts. They managed to bring a complex issue to life, and made what often can be a 'been there, seen that' type of film into something a little bit different that keeps the audience engaged while we get the message across!

    They were fun, imaginative and innovative and all their ideas were always 'right on the mark', they had an uncanny knack to make even the most nervous people feel at ease in front of the camera - and not only that, but asked the right questions to tease out plenty more 'gold' to glue the film together.

    It was a priviledge to work with them and really enjoyable to get to know them - and I know that everyone else involved throughout the project would agree.

    In all, I couldn't recommend them highly enough.... not only do you get a fantastic film that will receive great feedback, but they take all the stress out of the project and add some fun, so all you are left to do is enjoy the ride! Many, many thanks guys."

    Kelly Snell - National Willows Coordinator, Department of Primary Industries, Victoria


    "The challenge of working with animals, in particular puppies, dogs and one very unpredictable cat was never an issue for the Flickchicks.

    Guide Dogs Queensland approached Mandy and Margie to produce a short film which not only profiled our range of services but inspired viewers to support our mission of providing independence and mobility to Queenslanders who are blind and vision impaired.

    It was a tough brief given the complexity of the organization; the scope of what we needed to include and the need to keep it succinct.

    The Flickchicks won the contract on the basis of their truly unique creative approach – their concept simply stood out from the rest; originality of ideas and ability to relate to our clients and canines with such sincere empathy and respect.

    Mandy and Margie managed to elicit and capture "the Gold" in every scene to produce a moving short film which exceeded our expectations.

    Their passion for their craft is without question and when coupled with the "cause" of Guide Dogs Queensland proved a perfect fit.

    If you want to communicate with, inspire and engage your audience – choose the Flickchicks."

    Donna Hurley, Communications and Marketing Manager, Guide Dogs Queensland

    "The brief I gave the flick chicks was simple… but as is often the case, extremely complex at the same time. Film a series of documentaries on car crashes, their victims, the consequences, the families and the loved ones left behind for Queensland Fire and Rescue Services' RAAP program. A well regarded and long running road safety program aimed at young drivers.

    This was not an easy brief. Not on such an emotive and heart wrenching subject; and when you consider the difficulties of going in cold- to follow up a basic lead, in order to produce this piece of film making- the tact required, the empathy, the understanding- it is amazing that they achieved such a result.

    The reason is simple. The Flick chicks have the ability, the drive, the 'people smarts' and most of all… the film-making talent, to achieve great things.

    The result- a DVD that has received high praise from the Commissioner down and from the firies (the toughest critics of all) up.

    In the process- there would be tears and there would be triumphs, and it would leave the Chicks themselves forever changed.

    I would recommend the Flick Chicks highly and with no hesitation. They are easy to work with, get the job done with little hassle and keep you well informed along the way too."

    Steven Bates, Senior Community Education Officer, (State RAAP Coordinator), Community Education and Research Unit, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service


    "The Flickchicks are a rare combination of professional, business people and incredibly talented artists. Mandy & Margie use their experience in short film and documentary making to produce a really creative and innovative video shoot – even with relatively 'dry' topics such as our Workplace Health & Safety training film. A first class production delivered on time and on budget."

    Sharon Ible, Business Skills Development Officer, Nursery & Garden Industry QLD

    "Mandy and Margie were a delight to work with. They made what could have been a difficult job, easy and the final product was more than what we hoped for. We found them approachable, fun, innovative and creative. Their input into our project was invaluable. They're top chicks, loved a good yoke and we had an all round cracking good time. Cheers! "

    Tony Arch, Senior Consultant, Strategic Leadership and Culture Unit, Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries


    "Over the last 6 months we have had some journey bringing to life an idea to a production that is truly inspiring, fun and lively! Mandy and Margie have exercised a huge amount of patience in the designing, filming and editing of our product. They have bent over backwards to exceed our expectations with a fantastic finished product. They deserve a few drinks (or bottles??) on us!"

    Heather Iuli, Senior People & Leadership Specialist, Super Cheap Auto Group

    "We are very satisfied with our fit4fun DVD and highly recommend flickchicks for your video production needs. I found Margie & Mandy to be experienced, creative and willing to go that extra mile which resulted in a polished and professional production.

    We appreciate their support of the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation and look forward working to with them again in the near future."

    Vanessa Altun, Director - Marketing, Royal Children's Hospital Foundation

    "Flickchicks have all the flexibility of a small business, but with the performance of experienced cinematographers. Working with them has been a pleasure, with nothing being too much effort to include.

    Flickchicks will go the hard yards to really make a difference. The increased awareness achieved from the Lantana DVD and Community Service Announcement will go a long way to improving interest and action by landholders and community towards one of Australia's worst Weeds of National Significance."

    Andrew Clarke, National Lantana Coordinator, Department of Natural Resources and Water

    "This Zonta Club of Redcliffe's funded project was a very personal journey as I'd been twice diagnosed with breast cancer before filming started. I could remember feeling quite scared and naïve the first time I was diagnosed and therefore when given this opportunity to make a documentary that would remove some of that fear, I was keen to help as much as possible. Narrating and presenting the film gave me a chance to try something different as I'd been a classroom teacher for 30+ years. Mandy and Margie encouraged and assisted me during the whole process and made it fun! When I got tired, I crave lollies, Margie always had a good supply on hand!

    It was a pleasure working with Mandy and Margie who were very caring and intuitive. Nothing was too much trouble and they were very, very generous with their time and effort in producing this valuable resource.

    The finished DVD, Side by Side, is brilliant! Its received rave reviews from breast cancer survivors, newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and health professionals."

    Jayne Coe - Zonta Club of Redcliffe

    "The Flickchicks – what can I say? Margie and Mandy are consummate artists without any of the usual pretensions who managed to make what I had in my head come to life in front of the camera. From the initial meeting to discuss concepts for our TVC, they put me at ease and gave a newspaper and print hack the confidence to pursue excellence on screen.

    Thanks ladies for your confidence, eye for detail, artistry and soothing words for a worrywart while we battled against poor lighting, rain squalls, an uncooperative chihuahua not to mention a particularly vicious maltese terrier.

    All jokes aside, in an agricultural and competitive corporate setting; Margie and Mandy brought home the bacon and managed to deliver an incredibly professional product on budget, on time and still with a smile on their faces despite a wide range of adversity.

    I have no hesitation in recommending the Flickchicks for your project, unless of course you're one of our competitors, in which case they are terrible and your money is better spent elsewhere."

    Liam Anderson, Marketing Support Unit Manager, Pacific Seeds

    "The Flickchicks are presently working with our young people on a short film project about the effects of bullying. Mandy is facilitating workshops to teach them many aspects of film making and they are learning new skills. These young people have very difficult lives and she is always patient, kind and understanding.

    Some comments from the young people: we just love her; she makes learning fun; you have to be slightly crazy to work with us and she is; she makes us excited about making the film.

    From my perspective as the Co-ordinator of the Smart Program, Flickchicks are professional, organized, innovative and encouraging. It is rare to find creative professionals that can work so effectively with teenagers and Flickchicks can!"

    Fiona Ware, Co-ordinator , Smart POEMS Program, Beenleigh Adult & Youth Service


    "We are thrilled with our family documentary, A Fowl Fairytale, produced by flickchicks. Not only are the principals Mandy Lake and Margie Brown highly professional and talented filmmakers, but they also have the ability to put novices at ease.

    Although some of the people in our documentary had never been filmed before and felt very self-conscious, flickchicks took the time to develop confidence and to blend into the background and really bring out the very best in the people before the camera.

    Of the dozens of our friends and family who have seen our documentary, everyone was impressed with the production quality, storyline development, use of subtle and meaningful vision and the amazingly clever use of tasteful humour.

    We commend them for their work and have no hesitation in highly recommending them to others. We are available at any time to talk directly to clients about our experiences with flickchicks."

    Desley Bartlett & Karen Purvey

    Last updated: June, 2016