• The 100+ Club
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    Welcome to one of the world's most exclusive clubs, where you don't have to be fabulously wealthy or wearing the right school tie to be a member, you just have to be old… very, very old!

    SYNOPSIS: What other club do you know of in the world today that would admit the Queen Mother and someone who used to row across the river to work?

    The 100+ Club may not sound that tough to get into, yet it is extremely exclusive: to be a member, you must have been on this earth for at least 100 years.

    And this unique club's numbers are certainly booming: Centenarians represent the fastest growing demographic in the world.

    Most of them will say they're not terribly special but as The 100+ Club reveals, there's nothing ordinary about this group of Australians.

    Check out the trailer on YouTube

    Last updated: June, 2016